NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships
1997 NCAA Tournament Statistics Joey Heckel
Joey HeckelPoints (Opponent)High Lights
46 (Marr, Troy)Hi-Lite
62 (Hockenberry, Ed)Hi-Lite
63 (Nardona, Emilio)Hi-Lite
43 (Jesko, Chad)Hi-Lite
32 (Bucher, Jeff)Hi-Lite
42 (Nase, Jason)Hi-Lite
PinnedFall (Ensrud, Jeremy)Hi-Lite
67 (Guzzio, James)Hi-Lite

Personal Information
Wrestler Name: Joey HeckelConference: Pac-10
University / College: Arizona StateHometown: Edmond
Classification: SeniorHome State: OK
Weight ClassSeason WinsSeason LossesCareer WinsCareer Losses
JOEY HECKEL: Heckel transferred to ASU from Oklahoma and took third at the conference meet to qualify for nationals in his lone season in maroon and gold. His 6-2 win over Mike Collier of UC Davis clinched a bid and he claimed third when Oregon State's Oscar Wood forfeited. Heckel is 13-10 against top-notch competition, including a brutal season-ending stretch where he wrestled the nation's top three at 134 in consecutive duals.

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