NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships
1997 NCAA Tournament Statistics John Carvalheira
John CarvalheiraPoints (Opponent)High Lights
95 (Hairston, Tony)Hi-Lite
43 (Paulson, Brandon)Hi-Lite
35 (Moore, Teagus)Hi-Lite
32 (Sanderson, Cody)Hi-Lite
PinnedFall (Morgan, David)Hi-Lite
53 (Pena, David)Hi-Lite

Personal Information
Wrestler Name: John CarvalheiraConference: East Coast Wrestling Associat
University / College: Rider UniversityHometown: Farmingville
Classification: JuniorHome State: NY
Weight ClassSeason WinsSeason LossesCareer WinsCareer Losses
currently ranked seventh in the nation...ECWA champion...has defeated former #7 Sangia-Edinboroand #8 Hunter-Penn State this season...moved up to 126 to defeat #8 Tullo-Bloomsburg 7-3 this season...won his weight class at Mat-Town USA, was second at both Keystone Classic and Sheridan Invite, fifth at Midlands...1993 National High School Champion.

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