NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships
1997 NCAA Tournament Statistics Sanders Freed
Sanders FreedPoints (Opponent)High Lights
83 (Herman, Jevon)Hi-Lite
38 (Herman, Jevon)Hi-Lite
PinnedFall (1:02) 2nd (Barton, Ben)Hi-Lite

Personal Information
Wrestler Name: Sanders FreedConference: Pacific-10
University / College: Oregon State UniversityHometown: Monmouth
Classification: JuniorHome State: Oregon
Weight ClassSeason WinsSeason LossesCareer WinsCareer Losses
Sanders Freed has adjusted well to his role as OSU's starting 177-pounder. Freed, seeded fourth at Pac-10s, dropped the third place match to Cal Poly's Michael French after a frustrating third period that started with Freed trailing 2-1. French chose the down position and Freed spent over a minute trying to flip him for back points; after cutting French loose for an escape that made it 3-1 with 47 seconds left, Freed was unable to catch French for a takedown. "He ran away from me for 1:15 and there was no stalling call, no nothing - it was ridiculous," Freed (19-17) said. "There's nothing you can do in that situation if you need a takedown. I made one mistake, getting taken down in the first period, and that turned out to be the match." Freed qualified for his first trip to the NCAA meet earlier with a 5-4 decision over Stanford's Tim Kendall. After dropping to 177 for the ASICS Oregon Wrestling Classic held Dec. 28-29, Freed was 11-9 with 2 pins in the regular season. In the final weekend of the season, Freed beat Oregon's Royce Repenn 4-2 and then was pinned in 3:10 by Boise State's Scott Surplus. In his season debut at 177, Freed placed fourth at the ASICS Oregon Wrestling Classic, going 3-2. Freed had regained OSU's spot at 190 pounds on the trip to Lehigh. He was 5-5 at 190 and placed fifth at the Dec. 7 Sheridan Tournament, going 4-1 with 1 major decision. Freed was a four-year letterwinner at Dallas High and a state champion. Follow OSU wrestling at

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