NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships
1997 NCAA Tournament Statistics James Guzzio
James GuzzioPoints (Opponent)High Lights
143 (Hockenberry, Ed)Hi-Lite
60 (Marr, Troy)Hi-Lite
32 (Smith, Erik)Hi-Lite
48 (Ironside, Mark)Hi-Lite
810 (Washington, Yero)Hi-Lite
76 (Heckel, Joey)Hi-Lite

Personal Information
Wrestler Name: James GuzzioConference: Atlantic Coast Conference
University / College: MarylandHometown: Greensboro
Classification: SeniorHome State: North Carolina
Weight ClassSeason WinsSeason LossesCareer WinsCareer Losses
With his perfect record of 35-0, James Guzzio has dived head first into the Maryland wrestling record books. Guzzio set a school record this past year for the most consecutive wins in a season. Currently, he is ranked eigth in nation by Amatuer Wrestling News and ironically, has a better record than any of the other seven wrestlers ranked ahead of him....Guzzio has won the honor of ACC Oustanding Performer of the Week three times this season, more than any other wrestler in the conference.

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