NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships
1997 NCAA Tournament Statistics Arash Alizadeh
Arash AlizadehPoints (Opponent)High Lights
PinnedFall (Williams, Joe)Hi-Lite
113 (Varner, Andy)Hi-Lite
34 (Tucker, Byron)Hi-Lite

Personal Information
Wrestler Name: Arash AlizadehConference: Atlantic Coast Conference
University / College: MarylandHometown: Vienna
Classification: SeniorHome State: Virginia
Weight ClassSeason WinsSeason LossesCareer WinsCareer Losses
Arash Alizadeh won the ACC championship in March and has been hot since dual dual meet action began in January. During a stint of 14 dual matches, Alizadeh is 14-0, including four pins and a major decision....This season's record of 33-9 also includes 10 pins, more than any other Terapin.

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