NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships
1997 NCAA Tournament Statistics Jessie Whitmer
Jessie WhitmerPoints (Opponent)High Lights
167 (Enriquez, Jose)Hi-Lite
124 (Pena, David)Hi-Lite
64 (Morgan, David)Hi-Lite
107 (Moore, Teagus)Hi-Lite
54 (Durlacher, Lindsey)Hi-Lite

Personal Information
Wrestler Name: Jessie WhitmerConference: Big Ten
University / College: IowaHometown: Eagle Grove
Classification: SeniorHome State: Iowa
Weight ClassSeason WinsSeason LossesCareer WinsCareer Losses
After a strong 4th place finish in the Big-10 tournament, Jessie is currently ranked #6 nationally. He is in his 1st full season with the Hawkeyes where he posted a 19-6 record.

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