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Lockhaven's Cary Kolat is a returning champion and was seeded #1 coming into the tournament, Chandler of Indiana is a returning All-American and was seeded #2.

The first period went scoreless with little action.

The second period stared with Kolat taking down Chandler, he escaped six seconds into the period to put the first point on the board. With 43 seconds left in the second period Kolat capitalized on a bad shot by Chandler and converted for the 2 point takedown, setting the score at 3-6 for Kolatgoing into the final period.

In the third period, Chandler chose the down position. Chandler escaped six seconds into the period to put himself on the board. But with 25 seconds left in the match Kolat sealed his win with a takedown. Kolat lost hold with 5 seconds left in the match to bring the final score to 6-2 in favor of the new NCAA 142 lbs champion, Cary Colat of Lockhaven.

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