Hosted by the University of Northern Iowa
UNI-Dome March 20-22, 1997

UNI Information Technology Services (ITS) Project Team
Tom Peterson WWW Designer & Project Manager
Diane Sullivan Software Design Administrator
Cheryl Moses Software Installation Specialist
Marty Mark Network Design Administrator
Bob Hetrick Network Design Specialist
Jon Wolter Network Infrastructure Specialist
Jolene Griffin Network Infrastructure
Aaron Morgan Network Infrastructure
Troy Bull WWW Access Programmer
Randal Hayes Telecommunications Administrator
Merlin Taylor Telecommunications Assistant
Daryl Strasberg Telecommunication Technician
Dennis Cook Telecommunication Technician

NCAA Wrestling Student Project Team
Luke Penca Project Manager
Chris Beason WWW Server Manager
Josh Bartels WWW Developer
Drew Buhrow WWW Developer
Mike Staver WWW Developer
Scott Hunt Software Installation Assistant
Luke Ascheral Photographer
Malinda Mechem Photographer
John Warrington Copy Editor
Janelle Barnett Journalist
Cynthia Blake Journalist
Trevor Gingrich Journalist
Molly Higgins Journalist
Al Johnson Journalist
Elizabeth Mudd Journalist
Mandy Mueller Journalist
Jessica Peters Journalist
Ken Warrington Journalist
Marci Watson Journalist

Special thanks to: Gary ("Gimp") Brownell for his assistance and expertise.

UNI WWW Project Team Hardware Providers
Cabletron Systems Cabletron Networking Solutions
Randy Coffey Account Manager, Cabletron
Wendell Eiklenborg Technical Support Engineer, Cabletron
Ron Welton Sales Engineer, Cabletron
Don Connolly Network Engineer, Cabletron
Joshua Coffey Support Staff, Cabletron
Jesse Coffey Support Staff, Cabletron
Bill Teynal Support Staff, Cabletron

Gateway 2000 Gateway 2000 Personal Computers
Tim McCabe Associate Manager, Gateway 2000
Garth Garcia Senior Account Executive, Gateway 2000
Angela Gatzemeyer Sales Support Supervisor, Gateway 2000
Chris Pratt Sales Coordinator, Gateway 2000
Stacy Hand Manager, Market Research, Gateway 2000
Scott Webb Account Executive, Gateway 2000
Seve Phillips Account Executive, Gateway 2000
Joyce Anderson Sales Associate, Gateway 2000

Lucent Technologies
George Stall Systems Technician
Joe Robinson Systems Technician
Tom Easley Systems Technician
Val Caldwell Systems Technician

Left to right: Drew Buhrow, Mike Staver, Luke Penca, Troy Bull, Josh Bartels

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